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   Janik Performance is a motorcycle performance and service shop. We service all years, makes, and models of vehicles. We pride ourselves on remaining diverse in the variety of vehicles we take in and service. Working on motorcycles is a passion of ours, we don’t consider what we do work. Every vehicle we get in receives our utmost respect and attention to detail, as if it was our own. At Janik Performance we understand the importance of the owner and their vehicle. That is why we guarantee our work is done to the highest level of perfection and quality.

       I am Mike Janik owner of Janik Performance. Born in 1988 I am the middle child of seven siblings.  Since I was a child I have always enjoyed riding, working on, and just being around motorcycles. At the age of 18 I purchased my first street bike. That was when I really started my mechanical background. I attended Saint Edward and North Ridgeville High School. After High School I went on to college for electrical engineering where I received my first degree. I then attended the Power Sport Institute for motorcycle repair. From there I was a mechanic for a motorcycle performance shop for a number of years. After Much debate and planing I decided to go into business for myself. I want to offer my customers the highest quality of service and respect that was missing from the previous places I worked.  

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