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Janik Performance provides a wide variety of services on all years, makes, and models of vehicles. 


Having a run-ability issues?...We can diagnose your issues within an hour. If your vehicle has an engine code, we can clear it up and get your vehicle running smoothly again.


Janik Performance offers a full vehicle 50pt. inspection. A good investment for used vehicle purchases. Vehicles that have been sitting, or if you just want a through inspection to make sure all those nuts and bolts are nice and tight.


Having electrical issues? Tired of guessing and replacing the wrong parts? With a background in electrical engineering we guarantee to fix and solve all your electrical issues.


Janik Performance offers a detailing service, with multiple detailing packages to choose from. Starting with our basic detailing package, all they way up to the Premium package and getting your chrome to producing a mirror like finish.


We can flush and change all your Oils and fluids. from coolant flushes, brake bleeding, we can do it all. Our engine oil services include air filter clean/inspection and proper tire pressure inflation.


From the top end to bottom end we do it all. From valve adjustments to transmission rebuilds. If you're looking to freshen up your motor or a complete Engine rebuild. Janik Performance prides ourselves in the quality and reliability of our builds.


Properly adjusted suspension is key to a smooth and well responding motorcycle. The suspension is to often a system of the vehicle that is overlooked. It is important the your vehicles suspension is properly maintained and adjusted to suit your riding needs.

Janik Performance offers a wide range of services. If you have any question we will be more then happy to answer them. please feel free to contact us with any of your questions.


Janik Performance can mount and balance all rims and tires up to 36". Having a properly balanced wheels is not only a safety issue, but a must for optimal handling and a smooth ride.


Cleaning, jetting, and adjusting carburetors is just another task that has become second nature to us at Janik Performance. It is also essential to have a well cleaned and properly functioning carburetor to get maximum performance and fuel efficiency from your vehicle.


L.E.D.'s are a great way to accent different features of your vehicle. It is also a great way to make your vehicle more visible at night. Our ability to light up your vehicle with well placed L.E.D.'s will leave you very pleased.

Towing and Transport

Janik Performance also offers towing services. We can pick up your vehicle if it is inoperable. If you would like your vehicle transported we offer that service also. A 24hr EMERGENCY towing service is also available. We GUARANTEE that your vehicle will arrive to its destination safely.


If you want to achieve your vehicles max performance because you just added a high flow air cleaner and an exhaust. A Dyno tune is a must. Also will help achieve the best fuel economy

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